Monday, May 07, 2007


What's been going on?

Life has been absolutely crazy these last 6 months.

Blizzards, yet another road trip, another blizzard, soccer, swim classes, and walking babies!!!

DEC Flashback Blizzards-
Two back to back blizzards. (DEC) Crazy snow here. It was insane, like watching a South Louisiana rainshower, only with snow. For 18 hours. That gave us 19 inches. We got our drive cleared, but the street remained untouched. Then, two days later, we got hit again, with another 20 inches. Seriously thinking of buying a snow blower. The streets are finally getting cleared, but it is slow going. The 2 inches left on the street is packed ice. Fun to drive in, if you are alone... lol. To top it all off, we are supposed to leave on the 23rd to go to MO. I-70 has been closed, and will be awhile before it's open. ** Update- we are leaving tomorrow morning at 10:00 am. Hoping the roads are ok.

DEC Flash back- Road Trip
Left at 10 am. Roads are crap. Everyone who was stuck in the Denver area is now trying to leave. 470 to I-70 is not so bad, but all the ramps are closed. Ever had to p33 really bad and can't pull off to go? LOL. To make matters worse, the exit (which was supposedly open) to I-70 had the sign knocked down by a snow plow, and we missed the exit. Had to drive clear to the north side of denver and back down I-25 south. 2 1/2 hours later and only 10 miles, still have to go. What normally takes 40 minutes (Our house to I- 70) has taken over 3 hours. Finally found a place outside of Aurora to go. 13 hours later, we were home in MO.

JAN, The Trip Back-
Turns out, the weather wanted us to stay home a little longer. 2 days before going home, the 31st, CO + KS recieved more snow. We had to extend my vacation time by another 2 days. KS finally opened their I-70 up to CO, and we left on the 3rd. It took about 14 hours of straight driving. At least there are no windy roads between KC and Denver. If it wasn't for the ice, we could have set the cruise control and took a nap. KS is sooooo boring. lol.

Soccer and swim classes have been keeping us on our toes lately. Between the two, we are running ragged. Our daughter started to take small steps, and finally started walking. She is 18 months old, and was just not interested in walking until now. Now that she can do it, she is really going all out.