Friday, May 27, 2005

Little Time

My wife and two sons arrived Sunday night. It was a very
good reunion. We received our household goods from the
Navy PPO shipment on Tuesday. My wonderful wife has been
working her tail off unpacking while I am at work.
I can't wait to start this 3 day weekend. Needless to say,
I will post when I can, since I would rather be with my
wife and kids than posting.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Episode 3

I saw Episode 3 last night, at midnight. I only had to wait
in line for 45 minutes, so it was well worth the small service
charge to buy the tickets online 3 weeks in advance.

The storyline was very close to a script I found in May of last
year. In fact, it was so close, that the only differences in it
were found in the middle 1/3 of the movie. The beginning and
ending 1/3 went exactly as the script I had read.

Knowing what was going to happen before it happened -
made my night, it did.

I was very impressed with the portrayal of Anakin as he
made his journey down the slow spiral of the dark side.
It was more than I had hoped for, and was very disturbing
in places, the looks he made as he slaughtered innocent blood.
I am not a fan of violence, but the character was portrayed exactly
as he should have been.

I read a few reviews this morning, and all I can say is,
"Please stop whining... it is over, you didn't create the characters,
or the story, so stop criticizing it like you made it and someone
else didn't do justice to YOUR creation."

It just gets old to see the same tired old posts of,
"Worst one ever... blah blah blah."
It's Lucas' story, let him tell it like he wants. Enjoy it, it is only
entertainment... or is it? LOL.

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself, despite the fact that there
were a couple hundred Kevin Smith wannabes in the audience.

This Sunday night, my wife and two boys will be coming home,
to Louisiana. I am more than ready for them to come home.
It's been 3 weeks since I have seen them, and it was only a 2 day
visit. Before that it was over 3 weeks since I had last seen them.

If you get a chance, head over to my buddy, Joe, and visit his blog.


Good night all...

Photos to follow

I am working on a photo site as well... family history... new baby on the way ( #3)

Monday, May 16, 2005

First Blog Attempt

I am not quite sure how this will pan out over the next few months...

There are alot of things to write about, but little time.

Please be patient as I update this.